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    Creating Community Spaces

    Del Borrello Realty is dedicated to providing residential and commercial buildings where families and communities can live and meet.

    Though this sector of The Del Borrello Group was officially born in the year 2000, Del Borrello Realty got its start in 1968 with the opening of Boot & Saddle, the first country/Western bar in South Philadelphia. This was the first piece of commercial real estate that Peter Del Borrello Sr. had ever purchased, and its success and community support inspired him to adopt the mission of creating even more vibrant community spaces.

    Today, Del Borrello Realty provides people access to living space, office space, community space, and more. We have a vast portfolio of properties in the tri-state area, and we're always in the market to buy new properties and expand the ways in which people can interact with their communities.